Welcome to Ballpark Stadium guide!

If you’re thinking of going to a ballgame, this is the right place. We’ve been to parks all over the country and we’ve learned a lot about how to have the best experience possible. And we’ve put it all in this short, simple guide.

You’ll find:

  • 6 strategies to ensure a great trip
  • Unwritten rules (so you look like a pro)
  • How to get balls and autographs (Jack is ridiculously good at this and shares his secrets)
  • And then a write up for every stadium that includes how to get there, parking tips, where to sit, how to get tickets, insider information on batting practice, and food recommendations from our food critic

If you’re new to baseball — this guide has everything you need. If you’re a lifelong fan — maybe the guide has some information you didn’t know.

As a father and son, every game we’ve been to has created a family memory we’ll never forget. It’s a day at the ballpark we shared together. To us, it’s magic. So our hope with this guide is that we share a little of that magic, so you can go create your own unforgettable day at the ballpark.

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