Baseball Logos: Rankings 11-20

Part 2 of Jack’s baseball logo ranking. See Part 1 here.

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20. Atlanta Braves

The Braves logo is pretty weak. It isn’t as boring as Cinci, because it uses a cool font, but it’s still boring.


19. Washington Nationals

The Nats “W” is actually pretty slick. The font is is cool, and it doesn’t try to do too much. In fact this should be top-half logo. But, it’s also the Walgreens logo. Ouch.


18. Oakland Athletics

The A’s logo is very similar to the Braves. It’s kind of boring with a semi-cool font, and represents some history. The one thing that puts it ahead of Atlanta is the “s” at the end. That’s a nice touch.


17. Philadelphia Phillies

In their defense, this logo is pretty slick. The font is cool and is always associated with the Phils. But still, it would’ve been cool to see them dawn a logo more significant to their city (like their spring training caps).


16. Cleveland Indians

It’s pretty much official by now, the Indians are done with Wahoo Sam. And although that is clearly the right choice, their new logo is decidedly less interesting. The new “C” font is cool, but still nothing special.   


15. Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates logo represents their name very well and the font is pretty cool. The yellow is iconic and fun to have on a cap. It’s truly a solid logo and just good enough to crack the top fifteen


14. San Francisco Giants

The Giants logo is basically the Pirates except with different letters. The orange is cool and the font, as we’ve already established, is pretty nice. Once again, nothing too special, but a very solid logo.


13. Los Angeles Angels

This logo is carried by the halo. Without the halo this is for sure out of the top twenty. The “A” is blocky and the back is weird, but the halo. Perfect. In fact, it really shows what can happen if you use one piece of iconic head gear (cough, cough Royals).


12. Boston Red Sox

This logo completely rides legacy. It’s nothing special, and the font is a little off, but no one cares. The Red Sox “B” is too iconic to change. Straight up too much history.


11. New York Yankees

This last two are virtually interchangeable. The yankees “N-Y” is so iconic, it sometimes can represent baseball. It will, like the Boston “B”, never change. The only reason it’s eleven is because I think it is a bit better of a logo, but it really doesn’t matter.