Tips for a Braves Game

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Headed to Sun Trust Park? You won’t regret it. The Braves have an exciting young team and the newest stadium in the league.

How to get there

Getting anywhere in Atlanta is pure torture. Sun Trust Park is no exception. We would suggest taking an Uber or Lyft, so you can enter the stadium in a positive mood.

Where to sit

There are no bad seats and even the cheap seats high up are still pretty great. So not worth it to splurge for something too expensive.

Batting practice

First off, leave lots of time to get there for gates opening. Parking and just walking through the restaurants and bars all around the stadium take forever. So it’s easy to be late. On top of that, gates open on the late side compared to other parks.

What to eat

Food is decent, but nothing stands out – and there are lots of options. Plus it’s well designed, so you can get food and not miss much.

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