Royals game? That’s our specialty!

This ballpark has a large expansive design with a big view of the Midwestern sky. The stadium from the inside is beautiful but the ramp system makes it a pain to get around. The atmosphere is terrific and the fans are outstanding. Plus it has the best scoreboard in the game.

As always, the best tip of all: Download our free ballpark guide.

How to get there

The park is way out of the city, and you HAVE to drive to get there. Parking is excellent, but be prepared to walk a lot at this park to get anywhere.

Where to sit

Avoid the outfield. You can’t hear the speaker system and you usually can’t see centerfield. Nosebleed seats behind home plate are terrific. Cheap seats on the third base side also give you a great experience.

Batting practice

Big violation – the Royals actually require you to PAY for batting practice. Greedy. So get ready to pay an extra $12. But as batting practice goes, Kaufman is pretty good.

What to eat

Standard ballpark food. Save your appetite and get some BBQ in KC.

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