Tips for a Dodgers Game!

Looking out over the palm trees and hills beyond is pretty spectacular and the crowd is really good. But it’s an old stadium and it shows. View of the game isn’t great, seats are uncomfortable, and the food is kinda boring.

How to get there

It’s LA, suck it up. Go early and traffic won’t be quite so bad. Hey, and a heads up — there have been a couple of really nasty fights in the parking lot over the past few years. You’ll be fine, but just don’t talk trash to anyone.

Where to sit

Sitting on the lower decks makes it hard to see the action on the field. We’d recommend upper deck behind home plate. They’re at a dizzying angle, but the view of the game and the city beyond is pretty fantastic.

Batting practice

Crappy. You’re restricted to a small area and there are a lot of people, including adults, trying to get balls.

What to eat

The famous “Dodger Dog” is really just a hot dog that’s about an inch longer than normal. But nothing else really stands out, so you might as well get it.


(Photo credit to my cousin, Sam, and his fiancé, Kelsey.)