Yankees Stadium Tips and Advice

A regular season game at Yankees Stadium can often feel like a playoff game anywhere else. The atmosphere here is terrific in the cheaper seats. The fans don’t have a ton of baseball insight, but they care passionately about the team – which makes for a lot of yelling.

How to get there

One and only one way to get there – take the subway. First off, traffic and parking is absolute murder. Second, going to Yankee Stadium and watching the subway car fill up with more and more fans at every stop is nothing short of magic.

Where to sit

Really good seats are super expensive (and oddly empty). Bleachers are not kid friendly and the seats don’t have backs – but that said, it is super fun to be there. Alternatively, sit in the upper deck.

Batting practice

The line to get into BP is super long, so by the time you get in, the Yankees are usually off the field. But if you do get in, it’s bound to be a show.

What to eat

Ugh. All the food is Yankees branded (Yankee Burger, Yankee Steak, etc). It’s nothing special and its expensive.


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