Pittsburgh Pirates game? Get there! Here’s some tips.

The view is amazing, the field itself is stunning, the scoreboard is huge, you can see the game from anywhere you sit, the food is outstanding, and the entire stadium is accessible before the game like no other stadium.

How to get there

Tons of parking and it’s pretty easy to get out and onto the highway when the game is over.

Where to sit

Third base side, for sure. Great view of the city, the Roberto Clemente Bridge, and you can see the entire field.

Batting practice

Pretty good for getting BP balls. But if you stand at the third base line near the dugout, you’ve got a decent shot at scoring some autographs.

What to eat

Pierogi Hoagies, Kielbasa…the place is filled with local-style eats that aren’t trying to be fancy – just trying to be good. It works.