Advice when catching an A’s game in Oakland

The Coliseum is a 70s-era football stadium. Everything is concrete and ugly. It has shockingly low attendance. The food is boring. And all that said, this is one of the hidden gems of baseball.

How to get there

Best bet is stadium parking. It’ll cost you, but there are no crowds, so it’s easy to get out (unless there is a Golden State Warriors game – if that’s the case, watch out!).

Where to sit

Left field bleachers is the only choice. There you’ll find a pocket of about 100 super-dedicated fans. They blow horns, bang drums, wear crazy masks, start chants, and generally have a fantastic time. This group is a life lesson about having fun no matter the circumstance. Sit here and you’ll have a blast.

What to eat

Food is blah, but the people who work at the Coliseum are super nice. You’ll have to go down into tunnels away from the game to get your food, though.