About Us

Hi! Our names are Mike (48) and Jack (15) Nuckols. We are a father-son team that put together this guide (with some help from Jack’s awesome grandparents and Jack’s younger brother, Alex).

We created this guide for 4 reasons:

  1. We thought it would be a fun project to do together
  2. We LOVE baseball
  3. We’ve had amazing times going to parks all over the country and we wanted to help more people do the same
  4. We’re hoping to have something that makes Jack stand out to college admissions (that goal is mostly Mike’s)

There are lots of guides and websites out there (and they are amazing) — but a lot of them can be a little overwhelming for a beginner. So we made something we thought made it really simple to digest. We hope it gets more people out to the ballpark.

Our goal is to get 1000 downloads this year.