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SF Giants game tips and tricks

This is a stunning park. McCovey Cove is right there and you can see the Bay Bridge over left field. It’s easy to get around inside and every seat feels super close, so the crowd and players have a sense of intimacy unlike any other park. It has a mixed crowd of really fun fans and rich tech people who don’t know baseball.

How to get there

Walk. You’re crazy if you try and drive.

Where to sit

Three preferred options. 1) Left field bleachers are incredibly close to the action and they’re pretty cheap. But you can’t see the scoreboard. 2) Field level, third base side and you are right near where the opposing pitcher warms up – lots of good-natured heckling. 3) Splurge and get K Zone tickets (Section AR151, Row 1) and you can flip over giant Ks when Giants pitchers get strikeouts.

Batting practice

Lots of bleacher space, good chance at getting a ball. Except…there is a whole legion of loser adults trying to get balls during BP.

What to eat

Gilroys Garlic Fries are a must. Then follow up with a Ghirardelli sundae. The food here is really good. So is the beer.




Mets game? Take our quick advice.

This park is masterfully designed. No bad seats and the colors are pretty magnificent. Downside is that the atmosphere is a little weird.

Tip #1: Download our amazing free stadium guide.

How to get there

Lots of parking and it’s surprisingly accessible to the nearby highways. You also have the subway (7 train), which is a fun option.

Where to sit

You absolutely can’t go wrong no matter where you sit – the park is that well designed. Cheap seats are excellent. But more expensive seats are also worth it.

Batting practice

It’s a huge field, so not as many balls go into the stands. But there usually aren’t a ton of people who show up for BP, so that helps your chances.

What to eat

Super food options here. Lots of local stuff that’s creative, tasty, and easy to get to from your seats. Best bet is hit the Shake Shack for a burger and a shake.


(Photo credit to my friends Collette and Tony @OrganizeandShine)

6 strategies for a great ballpark trip

Heading to the ballpark? Great idea! Here are 6 tips that we’ve found make things easy and more fun.

1) Make ticket buying easy

Two apps are really good for monitoring ticket prices and buying tickets:

T!ckets – made by the terrific RateYourSeats.com, it breaks down tickets by front row (good for kids), covered seats, family-friendly and more.

SeatGeek – This is the easiest app to navigate and makes it a snap to track and compare prices. Best by far for buying and selling.

2) Plan ahead for parking

It’s all about exit strategy. Look at GoogleMaps before the game and plan to park somewhere that lets you right onto the highway home.

3) Don’t get frozen out

It might seem nice out, but as the sun goes down and you’re just sitting there for 3+ hours, it gets cold. Bring more layers than you think you need.

4) Bring a glove and a pen

Your kid is gonna want to try and get a ball and an autograph – be ready.

5) Bring a bag

You may like the idea of traveling light, but you’d be shocked how much stuff you pick up at a ballgame. Bring a bag and make life easy on yourself.

6) Join the kids club

Most teams have some form of “kids club” that you should sign up for. Sometimes they even require a credit card to sign up, but it’s usually still free. It can get you free tickets, free food, passes to get kids on the field and more. Look into it before you go – totally worth it.

Oh — and most the most important tip: Download our amazing guide!BaseballStadiumGuide.png

So you want a souvenir baseball?

Fresh back from a trip to spring training, our expert ball and autograph getter shares this advice.


If you decide to go to the game early to watch batting practice and try to get a ball, there are a couple of things to remember:

1. The most important thing is to be polite.

Most of the time, you’re not going to get a ball off a homerun since it would have to land right where you are standing. So your best chance of getting a BP ball is if a player in the outfield gives it to you. That’s why its important to know how to ask. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten a ball because I said “please” and “thank you.” Your chance to get a ball sky-rockets when you are polite.

2. Location, Location, Location.

I have found the two best spots to be left- centerfield or the left field corner. Most hitters are right-handed, so this is their pull side. Left-centerfield is where the most balls are hit and usually where the most players stand. Players are given a limit on how many balls they can give out each night. The more players, the more balls. The left field corner is also great because: 1) It’s shallow, so more balls reach the wall and have a chance of being given out. 2) This is where the coaches and security guards stand. For whatever reason, these guys tend to be a bit nicer when handing out souvenirs.

Want more tips? Download the guide! It’s free.