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Padres game best practices

Most MLB parks are architectural wonders – but Petco is in another stratosphere. It looks more like a museum in Barcelona than a ballpark. There are ramps and gardens and walkways and bars…this is a terrific ballpark for sure.

How to get there

You’ve got two choices. 1) You can park in the stadium parking lots, pay the money and deal with the hassle. 2) You can go a few blocks away, get free street parking, and walk among the hundreds of homeless camps that line the sidewalks of downtown San Diego.

Where to sit

This is a big beautiful park and every seat is terrific. Upper deck on the first base side is our favorite. You get a great view of the game, great view of the park, and great view of the cityscape beyond centerfield. They also have a grass bank out in centerfield where you can lay out on a blanket. A fun option for kids.

What to eat

The food here is absolutely terrific. Would recommend grabbing a burger at Hodad’s. Would even consider the Stone Brewing Co. Bar and watching an inning on the big screen there (it is just outside the seats we recommend).

Mets game? Take our quick advice.

This park is masterfully designed. No bad seats and the colors are pretty magnificent. Downside is that the atmosphere is a little weird.

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How to get there

Lots of parking and it’s surprisingly accessible to the nearby highways. You also have the subway (7 train), which is a fun option.

Where to sit

You absolutely can’t go wrong no matter where you sit – the park is that well designed. Cheap seats are excellent. But more expensive seats are also worth it.

Batting practice

It’s a huge field, so not as many balls go into the stands. But there usually aren’t a ton of people who show up for BP, so that helps your chances.

What to eat

Super food options here. Lots of local stuff that’s creative, tasty, and easy to get to from your seats. Best bet is hit the Shake Shack for a burger and a shake.


(Photo credit to my friends Collette and Tony @OrganizeandShine)

Tips for a Dodgers Game!

Looking out over the palm trees and hills beyond is pretty spectacular and the crowd is really good. But it’s an old stadium and it shows. View of the game isn’t great, seats are uncomfortable, and the food is kinda boring.

How to get there

It’s LA, suck it up. Go early and traffic won’t be quite so bad. Hey, and a heads up — there have been a couple of really nasty fights in the parking lot over the past few years. You’ll be fine, but just don’t talk trash to anyone.

Where to sit

Sitting on the lower decks makes it hard to see the action on the field. We’d recommend upper deck behind home plate. They’re at a dizzying angle, but the view of the game and the city beyond is pretty fantastic.

Batting practice

Crappy. You’re restricted to a small area and there are a lot of people, including adults, trying to get balls.

What to eat

The famous “Dodger Dog” is really just a hot dog that’s about an inch longer than normal. But nothing else really stands out, so you might as well get it.


(Photo credit to my cousin, Sam, and his fiancé, Kelsey.)

Rockies game? Read this.

This stadium is right in the center of the city, tucked right in between highways and downtown. But at the same time, you’ve got a view of the Rocky Mountains in the distance. Catch a night game and you get to watch the sun set during the game.

Tip #1: Download our free guide.

How to get there

The downside to being in the middle of the city is that parking is in small, expensive lots. And they defy logic by not getting any cheaper as you get farther away. A Lyft is probably your best bet – or stay at a hotel downtown and walk. (Denver is totally worth a weekend visit.)

Where to sit

Definitely sit on the first base side so you get the best mountain view. Consider the 300 level, Row 20. Unlike the green seats throughout the rest of the stadium, this row is purple because it is exactly 1 mile above sea level.

Batting practice

This is generally good. Lots of bleacher space and lots of balls traveling far in the thin air. Only downside is that there is a special row in front of the bleachers that only certain people are allowed in. These people have a habit of reaching up and snagging balls headed your way.

What to eat

They are trying way too hard at Coors Field. Lots of fancy, novelty foods that cost a lot but aren’t very good. Stick to the basics.

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Orioles Game? We’ve got you covered

Headed to Camden Yards? It’s amazing. Check out our tips to make sure you have a great experience.

First tip: Download our free guide.

How to get there

There are a dozen multi-tiered highways that come into downtown Baltimore and it’s easy to go the wrong way. Leave time to get lost and for traffic. Lots of parking garages and the further away you get from the stadium, the cheaper they get.

Where to sit

You either want really good seats or left field bleachers. Anything else is uncomfortable and doesn’t always have clear sight lines. Left field bleachers let you see the warehouse and the game (and maybe get a ball).

Batting practice

Not the best stadium for batting practice. The only place you could get a ball during BP is left field and a small area in center field. So not a lot of opportunity, and those areas are crowded.

What to eat

Great food inside the park, but Boog’s BBQ is a must. Terrific sandwiches that get served fast – plus Boog Powell is usually there signing autographs while you wait in line. But that’s not all…after a day game, there are terrific seafood restaurants at the harbor and around the city where you could get dinner.


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Tips for a Braves Game

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Headed to Sun Trust Park? You won’t regret it. The Braves have an exciting young team and the newest stadium in the league.

How to get there

Getting anywhere in Atlanta is pure torture. Sun Trust Park is no exception. We would suggest taking an Uber or Lyft, so you can enter the stadium in a positive mood.

Where to sit

There are no bad seats and even the cheap seats high up are still pretty great. So not worth it to splurge for something too expensive.

Batting practice

First off, leave lots of time to get there for gates opening. Parking and just walking through the restaurants and bars all around the stadium take forever. So it’s easy to be late. On top of that, gates open on the late side compared to other parks.

What to eat

Food is decent, but nothing stands out – and there are lots of options. Plus it’s well designed, so you can get food and not miss much.

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6 strategies for a great ballpark trip

Heading to the ballpark? Great idea! Here are 6 tips that we’ve found make things easy and more fun.

1) Make ticket buying easy

Two apps are really good for monitoring ticket prices and buying tickets:

T!ckets – made by the terrific RateYourSeats.com, it breaks down tickets by front row (good for kids), covered seats, family-friendly and more.

SeatGeek – This is the easiest app to navigate and makes it a snap to track and compare prices. Best by far for buying and selling.

2) Plan ahead for parking

It’s all about exit strategy. Look at GoogleMaps before the game and plan to park somewhere that lets you right onto the highway home.

3) Don’t get frozen out

It might seem nice out, but as the sun goes down and you’re just sitting there for 3+ hours, it gets cold. Bring more layers than you think you need.

4) Bring a glove and a pen

Your kid is gonna want to try and get a ball and an autograph – be ready.

5) Bring a bag

You may like the idea of traveling light, but you’d be shocked how much stuff you pick up at a ballgame. Bring a bag and make life easy on yourself.

6) Join the kids club

Most teams have some form of “kids club” that you should sign up for. Sometimes they even require a credit card to sign up, but it’s usually still free. It can get you free tickets, free food, passes to get kids on the field and more. Look into it before you go – totally worth it.

Oh — and most the most important tip: Download our amazing guide!BaseballStadiumGuide.png