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Orioles Game? We’ve got you covered

Headed to Camden Yards? It’s amazing. Check out our tips to make sure you have a great experience.

First tip: Download our free guide.

How to get there

There are a dozen multi-tiered highways that come into downtown Baltimore and it’s easy to go the wrong way. Leave time to get lost and for traffic. Lots of parking garages and the further away you get from the stadium, the cheaper they get.

Where to sit

You either want really good seats or left field bleachers. Anything else is uncomfortable and doesn’t always have clear sight lines. Left field bleachers let you see the warehouse and the game (and maybe get a ball).

Batting practice

Not the best stadium for batting practice. The only place you could get a ball during BP is left field and a small area in center field. So not a lot of opportunity, and those areas are crowded.

What to eat

Great food inside the park, but Boog’s BBQ is a must. Terrific sandwiches that get served fast – plus Boog Powell is usually there signing autographs while you wait in line. But that’s not all…after a day game, there are terrific seafood restaurants at the harbor and around the city where you could get dinner.


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