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Cardinals Baseball — We can help you do it right.

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The history and tradition of the Cardinals are ingrained into every detail of this stadium design. The addition of the new venue, Cardinal Nation, adds to the entertainment factor. The fans are the best: they watch the game, understand the game, cheer for an excellent play, and applaud an injured player, even on the opposing team.

How to get there

There is ample garage parking at the ballpark, but it is a zoo, traffic-wise. You can also take the light rail, but that can be a zoo getting on your train when the game is over. If you are spending the night in St. Louis, you can’t beat staying at one of the nearby hotels and walking to the ballpark.

Where to sit

Most seats are terrific. But if you sit on the first base side or behind home plate, you get a view of the arch over the field.

What to eat

Food is fine, but unimaginative. And prepare to miss the action when you go get food.




(Photo courtesy of our Senior Correspondents.)