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Top 3 “This Can’t Be Real” Baseball Stadium Moments

Every time you go to the ballpark – you never know what can happen. That’s why we created this guide. Over the years, we’ve had amazing things occur that have led to unforgettable memories.


Coors Field – looking at the view

Our first trip to Coors field, we lucked into sitting in the purple row (exactly 1 mile high). Sitting there watching a game with the Rocky Mountains in the background – there’s nothing like it in the world.


Mets on the field

We got a tour of Citi Field before the game. After the tour, we were on our way out when an usher said: “You don’t have to go, just go on inside.” I think he mistakenly thought we were VIPs or something. We walked through the empty ballpark, took a turn down a corridor, and suddenly we were on the field, not 10 feet away from the Mets taking batting practice. And when they were done, the Dodgers came out.


Jeter’s last game

We expected this to be amazing, but to have it end with Jeter hitting a walkoff was the greatest baseball experience of our lives.

Want your own unforgettable moment? Get to the ballpark! And download the guide Download the guide!!