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Best Promotions: Week 2 (4/1-4/7)

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Top 5 promotions of the week

(plus bobbleheads, dollar dogs and kids run the bases)

1. Foam “Chop On” Tomahawk

Braves — Monday, April 1. Also includes 80s MTV concert and magnetic schedule.


2. Dodgers Hoodie

Wednesday, April 3. Plus they play the Giants, so it should be a fun game.


3. Pirates T-Shirt

Friday, April 5 is Free shirt Friday! (also dollar dog night!)


4. Phillies Socks

Saturday, April 6 at 2:05.  Giving away “Johnson Control Phillies Socks” — plus it’s Bryce Harper’s first weekend with the Phillies against a lousy Twins pitching staff.


5. Phillies Knit Hat

Sunday, April 7 at 1:05.  Giving away “Nemours Knit Hat” to kids 14 and under.


Bobblehead giveaways

  • Mike Trout Silver Slugger Bobblehead (Angels, Friday April 5th)
  • Evan Longoria Bobblehead (SF Giants, Saturday April 6th)
  • Todd Frazier Bobblehead (NY Mets, Saturday April 6th)
  • Cardinals Hall of Fame Mystery Player Bobblehead (St. Louis Cardinals, Saturday April 6th)
  • Jacob deGrom Cy Sound Bobblehead (NY Mets, Sunday April 7th)

Dollar Dogs

(Save yourself some serious cash.)

  • Los Angeles Dodgers – Monday, April 1st (Opening Day)
  • Toronto Blue Jays – Tuesday, April 2nd
  • Texas Rangers – Wednesday, April 3rd
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Friday, April 5th

Kids Run the Bases

(A sure-fire way to give your kid an unforgettable experience.)

  • Chicago White Sox – Sunday, April 7th
  • Milwaukee Brewers – Sunday, April 7th


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