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Angels Game? Here are tips (and some criticism)

This stadium consistently delivers one of the highest attendance rates in the MLB – and we have no idea why. Yes, Mike Trout is worth seeing, but that’s just about it. The crowd isn’t into the game, the scoreboard is tiny, and the seats aren’t great.

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How to get there

Los Angeles traffic is always rough. The good news is that no one comes to the game on time or stays until the end. So there isn’t quite the massive surge you experience at other parks. We’d recommend parking in the huge Angels parking lot and doing your best to get a spot that is close to an exit out.

Where to sit

Outfield seats are tough, because you can’t see the scoreboard. First and third base seats are better, but they’re angled in a way that makes you shift sideways to watch the batter. We would recommend cheap seats behind home plate – preferably in the shade.

What to eat

The food here is an embarrassment. It’s nothing you won’t find at the food court in any mall. Get a hot dog and peanuts.