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Twins Game Guide

This stadium is totally different from any other park. The stone walls and the skyline make this a really unique experience. It’s worth spending some time wandering around the park a little between innings (and there’s a decent chance you can “upgrade” seats as the game goes on).

How to get there

Target Field is truly in downtown Minneapolis, so there are plenty of parking options nearby. If you’re in town overnight, it’s pretty easy to either walk to the park or get a hotel shuttle.

Where to sit

There aren’t any bad seats in the park – it’s well designed for watching baseball. We’d recommend behind home plate or third base side. That way you can see the scoreboard, see the downtown skyline, and see the old school neon Twins sign in the outfield.

What to eat

There’s a fun range of foods to try here – everything from Indian to gourmet burgers. The polish sausages and cheese curds are a local treat, so maybe get that. It’s worth taking your time and exploring the options here.

Beyond that…dress warm and download our stadium guide!