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Rockies game? Read this.

This stadium is right in the center of the city, tucked right in between highways and downtown. But at the same time, you’ve got a view of the Rocky Mountains in the distance. Catch a night game and you get to watch the sun set during the game.

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How to get there

The downside to being in the middle of the city is that parking is in small, expensive lots. And they defy logic by not getting any cheaper as you get farther away. A Lyft is probably your best bet – or stay at a hotel downtown and walk. (Denver is totally worth a weekend visit.)

Where to sit

Definitely sit on the first base side so you get the best mountain view. Consider the 300 level, Row 20. Unlike the green seats throughout the rest of the stadium, this row is purple because it is exactly 1 mile above sea level.

Batting practice

This is generally good. Lots of bleacher space and lots of balls traveling far in the thin air. Only downside is that there is a special row in front of the bleachers that only certain people are allowed in. These people have a habit of reaching up and snagging balls headed your way.

What to eat

They are trying way too hard at Coors Field. Lots of fancy, novelty foods that cost a lot but aren’t very good. Stick to the basics.

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