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SF Giants game tips and tricks

This is a stunning park. McCovey Cove is right there and you can see the Bay Bridge over left field. It’s easy to get around inside and every seat feels super close, so the crowd and players have a sense of intimacy unlike any other park. It has a mixed crowd of really fun fans and rich tech people who don’t know baseball.

How to get there

Walk. You’re crazy if you try and drive.

Where to sit

Three preferred options. 1) Left field bleachers are incredibly close to the action and they’re pretty cheap. But you can’t see the scoreboard. 2) Field level, third base side and you are right near where the opposing pitcher warms up – lots of good-natured heckling. 3) Splurge and get K Zone tickets (Section AR151, Row 1) and you can flip over giant Ks when Giants pitchers get strikeouts.

Batting practice

Lots of bleacher space, good chance at getting a ball. Except…there is a whole legion of loser adults trying to get balls during BP.

What to eat

Gilroys Garlic Fries are a must. Then follow up with a Ghirardelli sundae. The food here is really good. So is the beer.