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Detroit Tigers Tips

This is a big, beautiful coliseum of a park that is a tribute to baseball. From the giant tiger statues at the entrance, to the field, to the view…everything has a sense of grandeur.

Tip #1: Download our guide.

How to get there

Parking isn’t tough in Detroit, and both Route 75 and 375 are right there. We would recommend finding a lot (or even street parking) a little further away from the park with easy entrance onto the highway. Plus, there are plenty of scalpers along your route, if you want to get tickets that way.

Where to sit

Would not recommend the lower deck seats. They’re angled a little weird and they don’t have the best crowd. The real fans are up in the higher levels. Upper deck behind home plate or on the third-base side give you a perfect view of the game and you can see the Detroit skyline right behind the park.

What to eat

Food here is nothing special, but the prices aren’t as outrageous as other park.