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Unwritten Rules for Baseball Fans

1) Don’t walk up or down the aisle when someone is hitting 

When you think about it this, it seems logical. You don’t want to stand in front of someone when they are watching the game. But SO MANY PEOPLE do. For the love of God, please wait.


When you are at a football or basketball game, one of the most popular cheers is the wave. That is not the case at a baseball game. The wave, for whatever reason, is not “allowed” at baseball games. If one is started, don’t participate.

3) Boo on the second throw-over, not the first

Baseball fans will boo at a pitcher who attempts to pick off a runner at first. This is totally justified when it is the second (or more) time. If it’s only the first time, hold off on booing.

4) Stand up for the last strike

When the home team is a strike away from winning, most fans will stand up and clap. This has happened for years and the entire crowd usually does it.

5) Batting practice is for kids

When a kid gets a baseball, that kid becomes a fan for life. When an adult gets a baseball, if they don’t give it to a kid, that adult is a loser.

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